4X4 X-Treme

  • For the die-hard rallyist, this is the mecca of rallying in Asia
  • The highest Rally Raid in the world
  • A rally on the FIA calendar for the 19th consecutive year
  • Only 25 percent of starters will finish
  • An extreme endurance event of marathon proportions
  • It will be cold – very, very cold
  • There will be almost no oxygen to breathe
  • The roads will be like riverbeds. Well, icy river beds, that is
  • The event will be open to 4X4s
  • As a reward, you will have the country's most envied bragging rights
  • A completely modified 4x4
  • An extremely high level of physical fitness
  • A chromosome descended from Chengiz Khan
  • A full rally license + previous rally experience
  • Money. Lots of it
  • Certifiable insanity


That is if you finish!

Finishing, in itself, will be an unbelievable victory as rallying at 6,000 meters is unheard of!