Adventure Trial

Dates and Route

October 6-14, 2017

The tentative window for this year's Raid de Himalaya is as above. It is possible that the dates shift out of this but it will not be by much. For those who need to plan well in advance you can do so by keeping a few days on either side of the end dates.

Flexi Time Rallying

In case we get snowed in or hit by earthquake...both distinct possibilities... the rally will bed down for the two days it normally takes to clear the mess and restart. Unlike 2004 and 2007 where the rally was cut short, 2017 will see a flexi time event, if needed. So mentally please keep a 48 hour window for delays on scheduling the 'return to home'!

6-7 October 2017: Manali

Administrative and Technical Scrutiny at the Citrus Resorts, Manali, to ensure the safety norms are adhered to by all cars on the Adventure Trial.

8 October 2017: Manali - Keylong

A loop around Kullu followed by the run to Keylong.

9 October 2017: Keylong - Leh

The Keylong to Leh run on the ever growing tarmac that will ensure a smooth ride for the day.

10 October 2017: Leh - Leh

Innovative loops that will bring us back to the days start point at Leh. Wari la will be added to the list of high passes crossed.

11 October 2017: Leh - Kargil

Cleverly placed Time Controls will turn the otherwise uneventful though scenic run to Kargil into a navigators' nightmare!

12 October 2017: Kargil – Panikher - Kargil

A rough day for sure!

13 October 2017: Kargil - Leh

Another mix of rough and smooth and the rally returns to Leh amidst expected fanfare.

14 October 2017: Leh

A more than welcome Prize Giving Ceremony at Leh and we will close another chapter of the Adventure Trial on the Maruti Suzuki Raid de Himalaya!