Adventure Trial

Entry Forms for Adventure Trial

The Raid de Himalaya X-Treme 2017 is India's toughest motorsport event. It runs through the most hostile part of the high altitude desert in Lahaul and Ladakh. The route is difficult and the pressures upon the participants are extreme. The toughest foot soldiers of the world are the Indian army 'jawans' who patrol this area and even they fall prey to high altitude sickness in an environment of rarefied oxygen. Reactions slow down and nausea saps energy levels.

If you are tough, clearheaded and know your limitations and can work within them, and can take this adventurous journey in your stride, only then fill in the Entry Forms provided below or submit them online (top right corner of this page). There are no guarantees that you will win, let alone finish and certainly no sureties that you will return unharmed from your adventure. That will depend upon your survival skills and luck!

To be a valid entry, the entry forms must be accompanied by the signed Indemnity on a Rs. 100/- Stamp paper (one each per crew) the text of which can be downloaded from here

Competition Licenses

To compete in the ADVENTURE TRIAL you have to possess a competition license. Download the relevant forms, fill and attach the draft for the relevant fee and send to the office of the relevant federation (FMSCI) well in time!

For 4 wheelers you require:

  • A Rally license for driver and co-driver, separately.

Print both, fill, attach draft for FMSCI and send to them asap.