Adventure Trial


The route

The Adventure Trial in 2017 will run between October 6 and 14, 2017, both days inclusive.

The route for this year will be revealed in July 2017.

Which version of the Raid should I opt for? How difficult is it?

The Raid de Himalaya 2017 will once again run two versions, concurrently, this year: XTreme and the Adventure Trial.

How do I prepare?

10 steps from start to finish for first timers

  • Decide the category: 4 wheeler first timers go to the Adventure Trial.
  • Read the bad news on the Entry Form page. Either leave the website or download forms, fill and send along with the draft for the Entry Fee to Himalayan Motorsport Association. You can also submit your entry online. The longer you take to decide, the more expensive it gets. Also entrants are from the entire country. Filling 75 places in the Adventure is not going to take long!
  • Once you've paid an entry fee, get started on your Competition License and the enclosures mentioned at the end of the Entry Form. Don't leave it to the last minute. You can't rally without it ! For the Competition Licenses, download relevant forms, get them signed by the doctor, attach pictures and a draft  and send to the Federation concerned. The paperwork is critical.
  • Start preparing yourself and the vehicle. Download the Supplementary Regulations and the Scrutiny Forms to find out what all you must do and what all you can to make the finish line of the Raid. Call the Raid office or email for clarifications. A top class helmet, etc., is in your best interest though you may not always be asked to use it.
  • Try and anticipate the problems ahead. Become fit. Exercise to be ready for the worst workout of your life! Learn as much about your car repair as possible. Dedicated service is permitted, with a time penalty, so you may choose to be your own mechanic !
  • Practice with your navigator how to maintain average speeds over a given distance. Try to do this through highway and crowded areas. Try and develop a team spirit with your co driver/s so that you pull together when things are going wrong rather than blame one another. Max speeds in the Adventure Trial do not exceed an average of 40 kilometer per hour (kmph) so don't try and practice averaging 80 or 90 kmph ! You probably won't make the rally start but you might make the local police station!
  • Once you are in the rally, keep cool. Needless excitement leads to mistakes and those are no fun. Learn the game and play it well and fairly. The last part is hard....really hard!
  • Treat the Marshals and support crew with respect. They are all volunteers and don't need to be here. They are here to see you have a great event and return home safely! They are here because they have been in motorsport for over a decade at least and love this! Learn from them as you are here, probably for the first time!
  • Don't endanger yourself needlessly. The Himalayas are unforgiving. This is a game. If it isn't going well, just remember it's a game that can be played better another time. Don't do foolish things which can ensure that there is never another time.
  • Help those that need it. It's even more fun to beat an adversary after seeing him on his way. That way you are the real king of the mountain.

Vehicle Preparation
The Raid Office team can help you –from the choice of car, how to prepare it, personal preparations,  medical advice you have the support of an experienced team behind you. The Raid Office is available to answer your questions. Vijay, Atul and Manjeev, having driven in many long distance events, aim to give you as much back-up support for your planning as possible. Just write to Himalayan Motorsport at for any assistance.

Though you may decide to take it as it comes and fix things as they break, our advice is that it is better to set off with a totally reliable car than have to seek workshops for a rebuild, halfway. You should endeavor to set off, knowing that the car has been fully prepared with all of the Raid Office advice notes taken into account by your workshop during car preparation.

Finally, you are flagged off with the peace of mind of knowing that you have the support of a highly experienced organization as your backup.

Medical Preparation
Our Medical team is highly experienced and we issue "Medical Notes" in the run up to the event to help you prepare well. The medical lists will give details of what all you must carry to battle High Altitude Sickness as well as sunburn.

What cars are best?

As this is primarily a marathon event, we have attempted to keep the cars on as much tarmac as possible. Since the Himalayas are full of tiny mountain streams or small patches of broken tarmac, your car may have to cross some small sections of non-tarmac road. However, you may rest assured that the route is such that Maruti 800s are able to tackle it with sufficient aplomb! The normal Stock car is a lot stronger than it is given credit for and, coupled with sensible driving, should see you traverse this year's the Raid de Himalaya Adventure Trial with self-respect intact!

You must keep in mind that a Maruti Esteem (Grp N) won the X -Treme event outright in 2000, being well ahead of all the 4X4 vehicles entered! 

What needs to be done to make the vehicles 'Raid worthy'?

The Raid Management requires that the 4 wheelers for the Adventure Trial are prepared to acceptable safety standards.

Till the 2017 Regulations are put up the sample Supplementary Regulations from 2016 provide an idea for certain modifications that are permitted for this event, due to the extreme nature of the terrain traversed. The regulations would normally remain similar save the itinerary and entry fee rates. Basically you require a good set of tyres, seat belts and helmets for all the crew, a working odometer and a reliable watch.

Who can enter?

Just about anyone who is over 18 years of age, has a regular driving license and obtains the Competition Driving License (Rally Drivers and Co-drivers+ Entrant for first driver only) from the FMSCI at Chennai. Details are available at the Entry page.

Contact us on e mail incase assistance with FMSCI is required:

How do I acclimatize and can I do a route recce?

The route will be finalized by the middle of July 2017. Route recce for the Adventure Trial is not possible as the Road Books will be issued to competitors at the Flag Off. You would, of course, be informed of the Leg Starts and Finish but not on how the route traverses the interim distance. The route is graduated and this helps with acclimatization.

What are the costs involved?

Entry fees, insurances, vehicle preparation, spare parts, and running the Raid are the main costs incurred. For details, click on the costs of participation link here.

Do I need any special qualifications?

No, but any kind of past experience will, of course, be useful. A lot of determination and perhaps a sense of humor will often see you through the most testing of times. While mechanical knowledge can be useful not everyone has it!  If you drive safely and to a game plan, you probably would not need it.

Physically, you need to be reasonably fit. You will need to consult your physician if you suffer from hypertension ( high blood pressure) and/or breathing disorders like asthma. We would be crossing passes in excess of 18,000 feet and oxygen is in short supply there anyway.

Do I need any special insurance covers?

Rally Insurance for Vehicle
Yes, you will have to obtain a special insurance cover for using your vehicle in the Raid. This is called a Rally Insurance and is for the vehicle you plan to use for the event. It is valid for the days of the Raid but sometimes can be extended for a year, and you can easily get it from your insurance agent. 

However Rally Cover is an add-on given by the branch and company that has extended you the comprehensive insurance. Another company will only give the Rally cover if you buy the comprehensive cover as well. Therefore it's a good idea to get it from your friendly neighborhood insurance agent rather than show up at Shimla hoping for a cheap deal!

Personal Accident Policy
The policy should be covering each participant for a minimum amount of Rs. 5,00,000/- and is a must. This policy should also be easily available from your insurance agent and should mention that it is for the purpose of the Raid. This policy should cost not more than a few hundred rupees.  

Medevac Insurance
In case of an emergency, when you are required to be moved out by land or air ambulance, your Personal Accident Insurance does not cover the cost of evacuation, which in the case of an airlift can be quite severe. We are in negotiation with the insurance companies to offer a competitive rate for Medevac Insurance. In case this comes through, this insurance will be compulsory for all participants. Rates will be communicated soon.

What about stay and food arrangements at the night halts?

All your hotels at the night halts during the Raid are a part of the entry fee. In a few cases, these may be only tents laid out on a freezing, wind lashed plain. Where possible, should you want a single room or an upgrade to a better hotel, you are welcome to but at your own cost. We would be able to advise you on the various accommodation possibilities available at the locations of the night halt. Our Entry Fee reflects good value- blended with professional support and administration. Food arrangements are a part of the hospitality only at the few places where the Raid will camp out and no restaurants are available.

 We do not make any arrangements at places that have many restaurants and eating joints and here the choice of eatery is yours.

The Raid dinner at the end of the event is on us though!

How cold does it get?

The day temperature ranges from 2 to 26 degrees centigrade and the night temperature plunges as low as –21 degrees centigrade. Good woolens along with thermals and windproofs are a must. All are advised to take special care as, with the wind chill factor, the temperatures can get very uncomfortable. It is absolutely essential that all participants carry their sleeping bags on board. Though the sweep vehicle makes every effort to ensure that every individual along the route makes it to the night halt location, it may mean several hours of waiting in subzero temperatures for the Sweep Team to show up. The sleeping bag will most certainly be the lifesaver during this wait.A heater, though good insurance against the cold, will be useless if engine failure is the cause of your breakdown!

Do I have to make any special arrangements for my service?

Yes, you do. Firstly, you have to register the service team/s with us against a small fee. As the Raid runs into the forward areas that border Pakistan and China every service crew member must carry a proper identification. No member of the service crews will be permitted beyond Sarchu unless they are carrying this I.D. which will be supplied by Himalayan Motorsport.

Secondly, you will have to book, against payment, with us for the teams stay at the designated campsites along the route, where the Raid will stay overnight. Details of this fee can be had in the costs section.   

Your Service Team can only service your car at the end of the Leg. You can use local shops along the way and their mechanics to repair your car and buy parts from stores as you go along, but no service crew may follow you and service your car.

A Himalayan Motorsport team may also assist if you breakdown along the way as they will be a part of the Sweep Team.

An extra charge depending on the job done will be levied on the spot. Welding and puncture repair facilities will be available at every night halt along the way. Two spare tyres are a good idea and an extra spare is permitted.

Where do I get fuel halfway to Tibet?

Petrol pumps along the route will provide for 87 octane unleaded petrol and normal diesel, every 250 kms of the way. However, you may need to carry extra fuel on board.

In case you are opting for a spare fuel tank, it has to be fixed to the floor of the car and covered with a metal cover. The vent hose must exit from within to a point outside the cabin so as to dispel the fumes from the car.

Remote area refueling is provided for competitors only by Himalayan Motorsport. The diesel provided will not be the special zero wax anti-freeze diesel. It will be the normal oil that can freeze during the nights! The fuel will have to be booked and paid for before the Raid starts. We will inform you well in time of such a requirement.

Fuel will be provided against payment and is not part of the Entry Fee. The price of fuel will be higher as it will include the freight cost component from the last pump to wherever it is being made available. Please remember that you stand to forfeit any uncollected fuel in the event that you drop out of the event! Fuel is booked for specific refueling points. These are not transferable. Use the Fuel Calculator provided on the website closer to the event to make a foolproof booking and save money!

How late can I enter?

The last time and date for the entries is 1700 hrs on September 30, 2017.

The Entry fee is for two members per car; any car having more than two crew members will pay twice the relevant fee. More than four persons per car are not permitted.

Click here for the ENTRY FEE rates.  

What happens if I break down in the middle of never-never land or even get lost?

On an event of this magnitude, there is every possibility that you will have the problems associated with an endurance event that runs day after day through inhospitable terrain. You may break things along the way and your vehicle may give way completely before the last time control. So what do you do stranded in the middle of nowhere without a soul in sight... or worse still go off the track and get lost?

Fortunately, if you break down in the middle of nowhere, you don't have to worry. Himalayan Motorsport has a Sweep Team for every stage which will eventually reach you as they bring up the rear mopping up the stragglers! As a 4 wheel participant, your vehicle will be left where it is, unless it is a short distance to a town or village and towing is possible. You will be given a ride to the end of the Leg night halt.  

A recovery truck will follow the event and your car will be professionally towed with as little damage as possible. Charges for the towing, however, will be borne by you if the distance is more than 10 kms.

Army recovery assistance, wherever possible, is normally for free.

In case you wander off the track, which is highly unlikely, as on most stages there are no alternative routes, your absence from the pack will be missed.

Himalayan Motorsport has radio cars reporting the progress of each driver every 30 kms of the route and these are manned by the best crews in Indian Motorsport! Before you have been lost for any length of time, we know you are missing.  

Also your Road Book has been made with a highly specialized Rally computer equipped with GPS, that is accurate to the last meter. Due to the nature of the event and its low speeds, the Road Book will be issued at Flag Off.

Contact Info

For specific answers to queries that are either not covered above, or arise from the above information, please mail us at