The finals are here!

The fight from the previous 5 rounds of the Maruti Suzuki National Superleague TSD Rally Championship is finally drawing to a thrilling climax with the leading 4 drivers in the running for the top spot. They take the fight to the state of Himachal where the final round will be fought out -- possibly to the last second!

We invite you to be part of this epic motorsport event as a participant fighting it out with the best drivers and navigators in India. Of course, if you are a first timer you will have separate categories in which to fight for a win. The rally promises to have a 50 percent tarmac challenge and with top speeds well within your reach it carries the promise of a fun outing as well.

Be part of this growing and enthusiastic fellowship of rallyists that can combine a mastery of both Xtreme short tests and TSD sections. Pit your skills and concentration against the competition at hand. Registration for the Rally of Himachal is open to both experts and amateurs, whether in cars or SUVs. Remember, there are separate categories for the Championship and Non Championship contenders and, thereby, separate prizes for both categories of competitors.

Prizes and Trophies
Rank NSTSDRC Championship NON - Championship Awards
  Overall Expert Amateur North States Class – Amateur & Expert
1 Trophy + Rs. 40,000 Trophy + Rs. 30,000 Trophy + Rs. 30,000 Trophy
2 Trophy + Rs. 25,000 Trophy + Rs. 20,000 Trophy + Rs. 20,000 Trophy
3 Trophy + Rs. 15,000 Trophy + Rs. 10,000 Trophy + Rs. 10,000 Trophy
4 Trophy Trophy Trophy -
5 Trophy Trophy Trophy -


Other Trophies
1 Coup de Dames : 1
2 North States Class : 1st,  2nd, 3rd
3 Couple Class : 1


Entry Fees
1 Non Sponsored : Rs. 20,000 (for a team of two)
2 Sponsored : Rs. 40,000 (for a team of two)
3 Team Entry : Rs. 3,00,000 (for a team of 3 - 5 vehicles)


  • 14-18 MARCH 2016Uttarakhand

  • 13-15 May 2016Maharashtra - Goa

  • 16-19 June 2016Tamil - Nadu - Kerala

  • 19-22 August 2016Jammu - Kashmir

  • 14-18 December 2016Arunachal Pradesh - Assam

  • 19-22 January 2017Himachal Pradesh