Welcome to the Deccan Rally, which is also the 2nd round of the Maruti Suzuki National Superleague TSD Rally Championship and is open to both experts and amateurs, whether in cars or SUVs!

The rally will run on the scenic route between Pune - Ratnagiri - Goa - taking on the Sayhadri range and Konkan Coast alike.

There are separate categories for the Championship and Non Championship contenders as well as separate prizes.

You can still register for the Championship in case you're fired up by the new format which includes 'Tests’ – the only downside being you missed the Uttarakhand Rally and the opportunity to earn points there!

Prizes and Trophies
Rank NSTSDRC Championship Deccan Rally,2016 (Group: Non Championship – Expert) Deccan Rally,2016 (Group: Non Championship – Amateur) Deccan Rally,2016 (Group Denizen – Expert) Deccan Rally,2016 (Group Denizen – Amateur)
1 Trophy + Rs. 40,000/- Trophy + Rs. 30,000/- Trophy + Rs. 30,000/- Trophy Trophy
2 Trophy + Rs. 25,000/- Trophy + Rs. 20,000/- Trophy + Rs. 20,000/- Trophy Trophy
3 Trophy + Rs. 15,000/- Trophy + Rs. 10,000/- Trophy + Rs. 10,000/- Trophy Trophy
4 Trophy Trophy Trophy - -
5 Trophy Trophy Trophy - -


1st Trophy
1st Trophy
1st Trophy


Join the growing band of rallyists that can do both Xtreme short tests and also the mind straining TSD sections that require a different level of skill and concentration altogether!

  • 14-18 MARCH 2016Uttarakhand

  • 13-15 May 2016Maharashtra - Goa

  • 16-19 June 2016Tamil - Nadu - Kerala

  • 19-22 August 2016Jammu - Kashmir

  • 14-18 December 2016Arunachal Pradesh - Assam

  • 19-22 January 2017Himachal Pradesh