Greeting, all motor sports enthusiasts! Now that we have successfully completed 3rd Round of the Maruti Suzuki National Superleague TSD Rally Championship, we are ready for the next challenge - the Mughal Rally. From the verdant rolling hills of Tamil Nadu and brilliant green coastal landscape of Kerala, we now move to the extreme north of the country: Jammu and Kashmir. Man and machine will now be pitted against the rugged Himalayan terrain as we traverse locations such as Muradpur, Akhnoor, Jammu, Reasi, Mahore, Dagan Gali,Gool and Ramban. The challenge will take the rally through some spectacular landscapes.

Registration for the Mughal Rally is open to both experts and amateurs, whether in cars or SUVs. Remember, there are separate categories for the Championship and Non Championship contenders and, thereby, separate prizes for both categories of competitors.

You can still register for the Championship in case you're energised by the new format which includes "Tests" – the only downside being that you missed the previous three Superleague Championship rounds and the opportunity to earn points there!

Prizes and Trophies
Rank NSTSDRC Championship Non - Championship AWards
  Overall Expert Amateur Jammu and Kashmir Class
1 Trophy + Rs. 40,000 Trophy + Rs. 30,000 Trophy + Rs. 30,000 Trophy
2 Trophy + Rs. 25,000 Trophy + Rs. 20,000 Trophy + Rs. 20,000 Trophy
3 Trophy + Rs. 15,000 Trophy + Rs. 10,000 Trophy + Rs. 10,000 Trophy
4 Trophy Trophy Trophy -
5 Trophy Trophy Trophy -


Other Trophies
1 Coup de Dames 1
2 Jammu and Kashmir Class 1st, 2nd & 3rd
3 Couple Class 1


Entry Fees
Non Sponsored Rs. 20,000 (for a team of two)
Sponsored Rs. 40,000 (for a team of two)
Team Entry Rs. 3,00,000 (for a team of 3 - 5 vehicles)


  • 14-18 MARCH 2016Uttarakhand

  • 13-15 May 2016Maharashtra - Goa

  • 16-19 June 2016Tamil - Nadu - Kerala

  • 19-22 August 2016Jammu - Kashmir

  • 14-18 December 2016Arunachal Pradesh - Assam

  • 19-22 January 2017Himachal Pradesh