Get Sponsored

Looking for a sponsor to support your participation in the Raid de Himalaya 2016? Let us help you!

There are a host of interested sponsors out there who spend generously every year on sport sponsorship. All you have to do is to convince them with targeted facts and figures.

We know exactly what it takes to get sponsorships. At a nominal charge, we will provide you with:

  • Sound advice on which companies and corporates to approach and how
  • The Raid de Himalaya brochure that captures the spirit of the event and its achievements and highlights over the last 17 years
  • An introductory letter that will provide the sponsor with a cost-benefit analysis of the mileage (no pun intended!) and publicity he can get from sponsoring you in the Raid

Armed with information and support, you’ll find it much easier to approach sponsors and close sponsorships.

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